Alternative Energy

Our part to help preserve the environment

Our environment is being bombarded with a hazardous accumulation of scrap tires. 300 million passenger and light truck tires a year are being discarded. While over 50% of these used tires are being burned as TDF or recycled, many continue to be land filled, stockpiled and illegally dumped. There are also millions of pounds of large off the road  (OTR), aircraft, agriculture and other tires that are not included in the 300 million passenger and light truck tire statistics.

Scrap tire piles are a breeding ground for rodents, mosquitoes and other insects that often carry many diseases. Tires can stay in landfills for years and pollute our air, water and soil.

HITEC's technologically proven systems will help to clean up these stockpiles, including OTR tires, in an eco-friendly manner. No waste streams are created from the materials while being processed.  This process recycles tires and other waste materials, converting them into alternative fuels, renewable energy and other valuable products.

Each ton of Carbon recovered from the Hitec process saves 360 gallons of imported crude oil and eliminates 4,900 lbs of CO2 emissions.  The Hitec process can reclaim approximately 1 gallon of fuel oil for every passenger and light truck tire.
The Hitec system provides a sustainable energy supply- helping all countries become more energy self-sufficient.
Hitec recovered fuel oil has a lower aromatic content than fossil based fuels.
The scrap tires not recycled in the US each year could produce 60 million gallons of alternative fuel oil.

Processing 1 ton of OTR tires in the Hitec system will approximately produce 102 gallons of fuel oil, 240 lbs of gas (4 M BTU), 400 lbs of Steel and 660 lbs. of Carbon.